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News Update

Recently, a previously unseen  work from Bridell's travels in Germany has been discovered. Measuring  59 x 47 cms, an image of this work is now included on the paintings page of this site.

A work entitled Mountain Scene (in oils) by Bridell has been documented in Cheshire. Measuring  70 x 90 cms,  the subject is possibly drawn from sketches made in Derbyshire or the Lake District.

A smaller work from Bridell's sojourn near Munich has been discovered in Canada, where it has been in the family for three generations.

A very fine work by Eliza Bridell-Fox has been documented in Australia. This painting, entitled Love Letters, was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1864.


One of the members of the drawing class which Bridell joined as a boy was a Mr.  William Burgess. Mr William Burgess left Southampton for America in 1857.  The trunk he took, and still containing some of his pictures and belongings recently came into the possession of his great-great-grandson, Mr  Robert Sampson of O'fallon, Missouri.  Among the items contained inside, were watercolours of European mountain views which were not signed. Several of them may have been by Bridell but this cannot be definitely stated.

I have also heard from Mr Phillip Sear, a musician, of Lindfield, Sussex.  He is a grandson of Henry Rose's daughter Bessie. He, also has, three first cousins, who are residing in the Hampshire area. Another descendant, in Australia, sent a copy of letter written by Henry Rose in 1907.  In the letter he describes his fascination as a boy with the book Cook's Voyages.  Elsewhere, Rose describes lending the book to Bridell, so that he could copy from it.