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Catalogue of Works


Coliseum by Moonlight 
The Coliseum by Moonlight

This work is currently (July 2012) on view in in the main hall, Southampton Art Gallery so go and see what a marvellous work this is.  When it was last on display there during the summer of 2007 some of the comments from visitors included;

  • 'Bridell was great, let’s see more local artists uncovered....'   CD Southampton.
  • 'Bridell Exhibition. Excellent set of paintings and sketches.  A rare opportunity to see quality in an artist. THANK YOU'   JS Winchester
  • 'Fine to show F.Lee Bridell but why not add some borrowed works whilst you issue a catalogue....'   SR London.
  • 'Works by Bridell are excellent '   TM Bournemouth

The impressive painting The Coliseum by Moonlight was bequeathed to the people of Southampton by William Burrough Hill in the 1930's.  He privately produced his own pamphlet,  ‘An Appreciation of the Coliseum at Rome by Moonlight’, which begins:

‘The genius of his day, Bridell was one of Southampton’s greatest artists.  The words “born artist” describe him truthfully and essentially, for he was one of the most spontaneous artists that ever lived..conventional models had no attraction for him..it was to nature that he went direct for his subjects – storm-driven clouds, a moon-lit ruin, or the midnight sun..’


Olive Groves at Varenna   Travellers by a lake courtesy of Tilman Bohm, Gottingen
Olive Groves at Varenna   Travelleres by a lake - courtesy of Tilman Bohm, Gottingen
Fisherman's House   Pine Trees at Castel Fusano
Fisherman's House   Pine Trees at Castel Fusano
Italian Lake Scene - Florence

Catalogue of Frederick Lee Bridell's works

A catalogue of Bridell's output, of over 180 works, is available at the cost of £4.50.  Please include your email address with your payment. The catalogue will be emailed to you in PDF format upon receipt.