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Dr John Sweetman
The book cover - Frederick Lee Bridell
The book
ISBN 978-1906221-096

Dept. of Fine Art, Southampton University - retired.
Author F.L.Bridell and Romantic Landscape. Apollo. Aug. 1974

C. Aitchison Hull’s book has put the artist Frederick Lee Bridell, at long last, on the map. 

Born in Southampton in 1830, he died at 33 in London in 1863.  In a short working life of 15 years, he travelled widely in Europe, including Italy, and developed a distinctive style of landscape painting which won wide acclaim from contemporaries, among them Sir Charles Eastlake and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Largely forgotten after his death, Bridell has had a very long wait for a detailed account of his distinguished achievement.  This is it.

C. Aitchison Hull has worked indefatigably over many years to uncover lost works and records of them.  She has brought her findings together in an extensively illustrated book which both sets him in his context and provides a most valuable catalogue of his surviving work.

JD, Wokingham.

'It is a lovely book and tells the story of the artist's life and work in great detail, with many pictures that illustrate his abilities.  For me the parallel story of his life and struggles in the context of ordinary people in the 19th century was very poignant.'